The Bahamas

A Safe Harbour for Financial Services

Measured Innovation

We take a measured approach to adapting and innovating, ensuring that each step we take is carefully planned and balances the need for thoughtfulness and due diligence with the need to constantly adapt and stay on top of current trends.

  • Trust Specific Legislation
  • Region-targeted services
  • Forward-looking reforms

World-class Expertise

Few jurisdictions offer the wealth management experience The Bahamas has to offer. We have some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Working in these institutions are highly skilled Bahamian professionals.

  • Largest Regional STEP Branch
  • A wealth of trust and estate professionals
  • Home to the world’s top financial services brands

Jurisdictional Excellence

Just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, we are strategically located with a number of geopolitical advantages that make us the perfect place to live, invest and play. 

We are fully compliant with all international regulations related to:

  • The administration of justice
  • Tax transparency
  • Money laundering

STEP In The Bahamas

As an International Financial Centre (IFC) for the past 80- years, The Bahamas has led the way on trust, estate and wealth management initiatives in the region. This is why, for over 35 years, we have enjoyed robust participation within STEP, locally and internationally.

Ministry of Financial Serivces

Our Ministry is a proud sponsor of and participant in the annual STEP LatAm conference. We have the largest STEP branch in Latin America and the Caribbean and the 6th largest in the world. With 347 STEP members and thousands of lawyers, certified accountants, and insurances professionals, you will find unparalleled talent within our borders.

¬°Bienvenidos a las Bahamas!